Search YSTR in Taiwan Han Population

YSTRSearch supports ad hoc search and batch search.

Ad hoc Search: Fill in YSTR under each locus. You may enter multiple YSTR separated by semicolon or comma for any locus. Click Submit button to send your YSTR data to the server and the match count and haplotype count will be displayed shortly.

  • Specimen
  • DYF387S1a
  • DYF387S1b
  • DYS19
  • DYS385a
  • DYS385b
  • DYS388
  • DYS389I
  • DYS389II
  • DYS390
  • DYS391
  • DYS392
  • DYS393
  • DYS437
  • DYS438
  • DYS439
  • DYS448
  • DYS449
  • DYS456
  • DYS458
  • DYS460
  • DYS481
  • DYS518
  • DYS533
  • DYS570
  • DYS576
  • DYS627
  • DYS635
  • Y_GATA_H4
Batch Search: You may submit a data file containing multiple YSTR records and then download the results. Here's the template in CSV (comma separated value) format for your YSTR data. Please use only semicolon to separate multiple YSTR values for any locus and save your YSTR data file as CSV format. Please be patient if you are submitting larger amount of YSTR records.